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Understand the Problem: The Solution is Consistency 

Many Hands Can Make Poor Concrete

Workers mixing concrete in a ditch.

In many parts of the world a shovel and a ditch are the only concrete mixing solution. This crude mixing system, plus skimping on cement and adding too much water, leads to the issues that we all have witnessed in the 2010 Haitian earthquake.

Concrete MD

It is understandable that this type of mixing has been adopted in poor communities where labor is cheap and codes are ignored or don’t exist. It is nearly impossible to produce consistent concrete using this method.

Concrete MD

It is unfortunate and even tragic to rebuild a home using the same poor quality construction methods as before, and then loose it again during the next natural disaster.

Consistent Mixing
The first step in producing a consistent concrete mix is to insert a mechanical version of the “mixing ditch” into the process.
Consistent Batches
The second is to accurately measure the materials that enter the mixer.
A bucket is good, but a measured batch-box is better.

Concrete MD

Cart-Away Concrete Systems, Inc is the world leader in creating small concrete batching solutions. We have adapted one of our proven mixing processes to build a mechanical version of the mixing ditch to solve the concrete issues in the poorest countries of the world. This unit produces consistent mixes from a unique, yet simple batching process.

Using an engine-powered hydraulic system; the counter-rotating auger can replicate and improve upon the action of several shovels blending the raw materials at the same time. The difference is that there is a consistency of mixture that shovels cannot produce. Concrete needs uniform blending in order to produce a strong mixture.

Quality Concrete even with Shovels and Buckets

Concrete MD

By using simple recipes and consistent measuring, the Cart-Away Concrete M.D. (mixing ditch) will produce up to 1/2-meter batches of quality concrete, in even the most remote villages.
And the mixer will work faster and produce better concrete than any other manual process.

The Concrete M.D. fits nicely into the common concrete production methods of the local workers. Their shovels will load the raw materials into the batch-boxes and their buckets will work for transporting the wet concrete to the forms.

The 6” dispensing tube at the bottom of the mixing chamber allows workers to rapidly pour wet concrete directly into buckets or wheelbarrows for transport to the forms. A simple door controls the flow between bucket loads.

Concrete MD

The mixer can produce 3-meters of ready-mix concrete each hour and will employ several workers in loading and then delivering the finished concrete.

With the enormous volumes of concrete that must be produced in the least developed nations, we can put many people to work using Concrete M.D’s for building foundations, columns, walls, roofs and various building blocks.

By decentralizing ready-mix production we can complete several smaller projects simultaneously and train many of the locals to make better concrete.

The Concrete M.D. can be the cure for many of the ills of poor concrete mixing.

The unit ships in a package that includes the Honda powered hydraulic power unit, two batch-buckets that are sized for a standard foundation/slab/wall recipe and complete operational instructions.

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